HYPREX (Malaysia)
HYPREX (Malaysia)
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  • Consists of water and a pH-neutral, patented nano plant extracts that break up the surface tension of the water molecules
  • Utilized nano plant extract technology to effectively unlock the full potential of water to extinguish fire
  • Certified by Swiss-based SGS SVHC (REACH), CNAS, CCCF, UL and LASTFIRE Test Protocol certification
  • Suitable to use for combustible materials, such as wood & paper fires, furniture fires as well as flammable liquids such as vehicle fires and kitchen fires
  • Fast heat reduction, reduces chance of re-combustion, biodegradable, non-toxic formula, easy cleanup
  • Biodegradable Organic Compound - No messy cleanup, no hazardous to humans, plants or the environment. HYPREX actually is extremely effective as a plant fertilizer  
  • Approximately 12 seconds worth of spray time from a 460ml can of Hyprex fire extinguisher